Why Human Beings Seek Things and Experiences That Are Beautiful

Why Human Beings Seek Things and Experiences That Are Beautiful



Why Human Beings Seek Things and Experiences That Are Beautiful

            It has been said that happiness comes from within, so why then do we pursue it from the outside? Through people, things and experiences. According to Aristotle, he believed  …” Nature does nothing in vain.” …and that all other aspects including wealth and civic life were merely means to the end. Happiness and life fulfillment were to be held as the ultimate goal. The awareness and development of one’s talents and self-realization is the right path to happiness in life. The process of undergoing through beautiful transformational experiences is a fundamentally crucial aspect.

            Some conducted researches show that attraction to beautiful things is actually imprinted in our in cognitive system. Conducted brain scans studies show that the sight of a beautiful product triggers the motor cerebellum part of the brain  that coordinates hand movements resulting to an individual  reaching out for  the product. This illustrates that beauty does literally move people and partially validates the reason why window views of landscapes can speed up a patients recovery in hospitals, assist learning in classrooms and boosts productivity at a workplace. In most cases, the best attributes of an individual are manifested when they experience happiness and are at peace with their inner being.

            Robert Nester Marley was an impeccable example of a man in pursuit of beautiful things in life .One of the 20th century legendary artists, a revered cultural figure. He was born in 6 February 1945, in Rhoden Island; Nine Miles, Jamaica .His childhood life was surrounded by a rural setting in the mountainous terrains of St.Ann .The neighborhood   was one of preserved customs originating from the African ancestry .This culture provided a deeper cultural bearing and honed his songwriting skills.

            His childhood was filled with uncertainty after separation of his parents and growing up in an impoverished neighborhood; it did not deter his from growing into an adult with high moral grounding and with legendary talents. He desired to experience the beauty life could offer and strived to relish all fulfilling moments the short while he lived. The Rastafarian religion formed the basis of strongly affirmed political ideologies, deeply rooted spiritual conviction and the philanthropic aura that was depicted by his conscious reggae music.    

            He had unshakable faith and belief in this religion. It shaped and molded him to the legend he later on became as it dictated every aspect of his lifestyle. In most scenarios, most human beings rely on the knowledge that there exists a superior being that reigns over humankind. For instance, in the Christian faith, the belief of God being a loving and caring Creator endears Christian believers to Him as they zealously strive to live in accordance to His will and purpose. This belief encompasses an overall change in lifestyle and livelihood to follow a righteous path. Accomplishment of living a righteous life results in most believers experiencing joy, serenity and appreciation of life’s moments as life is viewed as a gift form the Almighty.

            The ‘herb’ otherwise known, as cannabis sativa in its botanical name, was also an inspirational aspect in Marley’s life. He smoked the herb as a meditation ritual and firmly believed in the plants medicinal healing capabilities. He was viewed as a resilient opposer to any political elements that were corrupting its use and using it as a weapon to oppress a minority group in Jamaican community. He believed that it changed an individual’s thoughts and aspirations.

            Marijuana to Marley was like a mirror that depicted his true image and transformed his thinking to a constructive one. It inspired him want to become someone in the society. This stands correct when critically analyzing individuals with a happy and contented lifestyle. There exists a certain aspect in their life that always propels them forward and motivates them. It can be newfound love, a literal drug use or a deeply rooted passion for music, art, sports, and etcetera. In conclusion, people seek beautiful things and moments, as they are a source of happiness and fulfillment in life. These simple pleasures give relevance to life and ensure that an individual attains their goals and is finally content.


Steckles, G. (2008). Bob Marley. Oxford, UK: Macmillan Caribbean.

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