Wine and Beverage

Wine and Beverage



Wine and Beverage

Pilsner was first brewed in the mid 19th century, in the city of Plzen, in what was once Czechoslovakia and Bohemia. The region had adequate materials for brewing including the Saaz hops, which is used in the brewing of pilsner. The waters in the region were also perfect for brewing because they were soft. A specific strain of yeast is used in the manufacture of pilsner. The bohemians first used a working yeast from the lager yeast they obtained from the Germans to brew the bear (Beer Advocate, 2001). The malt used in the manufacture of the beer comes from the bohemian barley. The barley is preferred because of its color and transparency. Since then, different regions such as Germany and America have developed their own pilsner with distinct flavors.

The yeast used in the manufacture of the beer is essential for fermentation in addition to adding flavor to the beer. The specific hops used in pilsner contribute in adding flavor and bitterness. This is important as it balances the sweetness from the malt. The water used has to be soft, as it should contain very few dissolved solids. This is to ensure that the elements in the water do not contribute to adjusting the taste of the beer. The barley used in malting is only allowed to germinate for about five days. This is essential to ensure that the color of the beer remains light. The hops used in the manufacture of pilsner have a specific bitterness. Some may contain a floral scent and flavor, which is characteristic of the Saaz hops that are used for their manufacture (Ensminger, 1997). Pilsner can be matched with many foods because of its soft taste. Pilsner would go well with pizza, Thai, or any other Asian cuisine. Although it has some spicy flavor because of the hops, the taste is not overwhelming.

The manufacture of India pale ale began as an initiative of finding a way to transport beer to the British troops in India. The climate in India was too hot and it did not allow for brewing. Hops were used in manufacturing of the beer. They were important because they acted as preservatives and this ensured that the beer was safe to consume. This helped the beer to sustain the long journey from England to India. It ensured that the beer did not turn sour and become bland. The hops prevented the growth of lactobacillus and the alcohol prevented any microbial action from taking place. More sugar was and dry hops were added during priming. The sugar used at the time was significantly more than that used for other pale ales (Tomlinson, n. d.).

The hops contributed to the flavor and they were combined with a large amount of alcohol. This aided in preserving the beer. The long journey from England to India contributed to adding more flavor to the beer. Hops are the main ingredients in the beer. Manufacturers use different varieties and this leads to variations in flavor. They also combine different hops in the beer and this creates a distinct taste. Although manufacturers are no longer concerned with the long voyages during transportation, they continue to add high doses of alcohol to the beer. This creates a bolder and more robust taste and it adds to the styles of the beer available.

India pale ales are best consumed with red meats and barbecue. They can be paired with any rich stews and casseroles because they tend to be strong.


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