Wolfgang’s Balancing Act





Wolfgang’s Balancing Act

Question Block A

As Wolfgang considers the effects of global standardization and local customization with reference to the human resources in the international health sector, it is important to make certain changes to the arrangement of the pay elements documented in Table 2 of the T account. For this reason, Wolfgang should reorder these elements in order to highlight the various reward aspects at the local and global levels of the health subdivision. In addition, the modified structure should include the persistent devotion of the administrative teams in the healthcare subsection towards accomplishing the needs of their employees. This may be in the form of incentives and illustration of their reliability. These tangible and psychological prizes will result in job satisfaction and the subsequent performance enhancement. Locally, discrimination by supervisors and poor performance evaluation techniques may affect the reward systems. Consequently, as indicated in this article with reference to human resource management in Japan, the global standardization policies may not be as effective as customizing the existing pay elements at the local level.

            Accordingly, based on the T account presented in Table 2 of this article, Wolfgang should delete the fringe benefits. This is because the healthcare subdivision in Japan faces negligible cases of negative mind-sets among the human resources. Moreover, according to the argument presented in this essay, the employees strive to increase their productivity. For this reason, the employers do not have to vary the reward system based on the performance of a worker. This relates to the aspects incorporated in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Attainment of one’s purpose in the professional field or other domains of life and benefiting from constructive relationships are more efficient in motivating the workers as opposed to monetary rewards. These facts justify the need to delete fringe benefits from the T account. However, Wolfgang should add the compensation element in order to cater for employees with special needs. This will be helpful in motivating these workers and increasing their productivity.  In addition to adding and deleting these practices in the T account, it is important for Wolfgang to elucidate the essence of other pay elements in the table. This will deal with any perception of inequality owing to the different contributions by the human resources.

            It is also important for Wolfgang to alter the weights of the existing elements of the reward system including the aspect of variable pay. This is because the motivation generated through such rewards will propel them to promote certain values and mind-sets depending on the principles governing the organization. Nonetheless, the decisions made with respect to these pay elements should be in line with the financial capabilities of the healthcare subdivision. This is because costs associated with these benefits may result in a significant decrease in the returns acquired by the subsection under consideration. Subsequently, the need for enhanced supervision of the modified reward system would be expensive and unhelpful in increasing the productivity among the employees. Another aspect that justifies the alteration of these weights is the need to acknowledge the workers’ achievements as a way of facilitating them to attain occupational development. Owing to the existing relationship between such reward systems and increased performance among the human resources, changing these weights is an effective approach of investing in the workers for short-term and long-term benefits.

Question Block B

In order to enlighten the executives in various geological zones on the need to acquire the various management competencies addressed in this article, it is important for the firm to present these elements as part of the organizational culture. This will propel the senior managerial teams in these geographical locations to support the features of the competency set. Moreover, the clear definition of the existing competencies will be useful in this communication process as well as enhancement of the employees’ performance by analyzing the skills and experience of an individual. Some of the essential elements in the competency set, which are beneficial in this communication process with reference to various managerial responsibilities, include business, group, and individual-related skills. Accordingly, a design comprising of these elements will be effective to the human resources and other aspects of the organization in all geological zones in question.

                 Furthermore, it is evident that a purely competency-based reward system would be more flexible in this case study. This is because the recognition of the employees’ productivity and the subsequent compensation will depend on one’s level of competency in the execution of a particular task.  In addition, the competency-based reward system inspires the human resources to acquire additional skills that relate to their field of specialization. This results in a flexible labor force owing to the numerous skills acquired by the workers. However, this pay system may not be suitable for settings involving cultural differences and trade protection processes within the legal framework. This is because such environments may result in a decrease in personal and organizational productivity despite the existing competencies. Such situations tend to affect the competency-based reward system, an aspect that causes complexities in its flexibility.

                  Furthermore, standardizing job descriptions in various units is essential in presenting the benefits of regulating the entire healthcare subdivision.  It is gainful especially in situations with a high level of assurance and proceedings embedded in a formal environment.  In addition, regulation of these job descriptions in different units results in consistency                                                                                       at a global level with reference to organizational and personal productivity. This process requires the utilization of the three forms of competencies including the business, people, and individual proficiencies.                                  Use of various behavioral indicators in evaluating the contributions of the executives in the healthcare is important in identifying the competencies and productivity of these performers. Utilization of the elements in the Performance Bell Curve is a suitable approach of attaining these objectives through the three major forms of competencies. This evaluation technique categorizes the performers by considering the set targets and the effectiveness of the tactics used by the participants in accomplishing these goals. The three classifications include the C player, B player, and the Top 15% game changers. Wolfgang should relate these performance indicators to the local setting. This is because of the dissimilar performance evaluation techniques at the global level. However, in order to obtain the desired outcomes of this contextualizing process, Wolfgang should maintain a sense of balance between the regulation of organizational elements and their relevance to the local setting. This is possible through effective communication tactics with the local human resource manager. Additionally, he should maintain a proper connection between the trade aspects and the cultural principles at the organizational and local levels. These approaches will create a reliable environment for the attainment of the targeted goals with reference to the firm’s productivity.    

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