Works Cited





Works Cited

Cairns, Georgia, Kathryn Angus, Gerard Hastings and Martin Caraher. “Systematic Reviews of the Evidence on the Nature, Extent and Effects of Food Marketing to Children. A Retrospective Summary.” Appetite (2012) 1-7.

The Writer:The authors of the article constitute Georgia Cairns, Kathryn Angus, Gerard Hastings and Martin Caraher. The Publication:The periodical is part of the journal, Appetite, which studies the effects that the advertisement of foods through the television imposes on children’s healthy development. The Summary:In summary, the authors provide concrete evidence in order to document the extent to which beverage and food promotion continues to undergo practice, especially among children. The evidence includes the methods used to test the hypothesis and the statistics offered. The Stance:The authors are critical and rational concerning their topic of study. The Use:The article can be used in discussing the positive effects that television can have on the maintenance of healthy bodies among children.

Kamaruzman, Jusoff and Nurul Nadiah Sahimi. “Television and Media Literacy in Young Children Issues and Effects in Early Childhood.” International Education Studies, 2.3 (2009) 151-157.

The Writer:The authors of this particular periodical are Jusoff Kamaruzman and Nurul Nadiah Sahimi. Both authors are experienced in education based on the involvement in the School of Education in the University of Massachusetts. The Publication: The article is documented in the journal, International Education Studies, which centers considerably on various issues within the field of education. The Summary: In synopsis, the article discusses the impact that television and media literacy imposes on cognitive and physical development among children. Apart from this, the authors also discuss the issues encompassing television exposure on children. The evidence it utilizes comprises different literatures from a variety of scholars and researchers studying a similar topic. The Stance:The authors’ attitude is rather positive towards the topic and the viewpoint they express is seemingly critical and rational. The Use: Undeniably, the article can be used for detailing the disadvantages and contemporary issues that television exposure imposes on children in this present day.

Kirkorian, Heather L., Ellen A. Wartella and Daniel R. Anderson. “Media and Young Children’s Learning.” The Future of Children 18.1 (2008) 39-61.

The Writer:The authors of the article are Heather L. Kirkorian, Ellen A. Wartella and Daniel R. Anderson. Kirkorian is a postdoctoral research partner at University of Massachusetts-Amherst while Wartella and Anderson are both professors in University of California-Riverside and University of Massachusetts-Amherst respectively. The Publication: The periodical is documented within the journal, The Future of Children. Indeed, the mentioned journal discusses several current issues that affect children. The Summary In overview, the authors discusses of the different impacts that contemporary forms of media impose on learning among children. Nonetheless, the article distinguishes itself by placing emphasis on the rationality (quality) of the content that children watch rather than the quantity. The evidence used by the authors stems from disparate research performed on the media under discussion. The Stance The authors’ tone and attitude is not harsh and objective based on the way they discuss the positive and negative effects of media on children’s learning. The Use:For use, the article can be a source for information regarding the positive and negative effects of television on a child’s learning.

Lillard, Angeline S. and Jennifer Peterson. “The Immediate Impact of Different Types of Television on Young Children’s Executive Function.” Pediatrics 128.4 (2011) 1-6.

The Writer:The authors of the article are Angeline S. Lillard and Jennifer Peterson. The Publication:The article is part of the journal, Pediatrics. This journal concentrates particularly on early childhood care and education. The Summary:In summary, the article discusses the effects that different forms of television impose on a child’s executive function. Furthermore, the article also establishes a relationship between disparate types of television and attention problems among children. The evidence supporting these findings comprises the data collected from a comparison between fast-paced television programs and slow-paced television programs. The Stance:The authors’ position is based on an opposing attitude towards fast-paced programs. For the author, fast-paced programs affect children’s executive function negatively. The Use: The article can be used in assessing the different effects that television imposes in relation to attention.

Milteer, Regina M. and Kenneth R. Ginsburg. “The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bound Focus on Children in Poverty.” Pediatrics 129.1 (2012) 204-213.

The Writer:The following article is written by two authors specifically educated in pediatric care and development. These authors comprise Regina M. Milteer and Kenneth R. Ginsburg. Both authors are medical doctors and are experienced in the field of education as a science. The Publication:The periodical is part of the journal, Pediatrics. This journal, as its name suggests, focuses specifically on early childhood care. The Summary:Accordingly, the article asserts that play is important in children based on the positive effect it imposes on cognitive development in contrast to television viewing. The proof utilized to sustain this conjecture comprises the contribution from various other studies, which focus on the interaction between play and development. The Stance:The authors’ attitudes are rather positive. The Use:In discussing television’s effects on children, the idea assumed in the article can be used as a recommendation for solving the defects of television.

Summerbell, C. D., H. J. Moore, C. Vogele, S. Kreichauf, A.Wildgruber, Y. Manios, W. Douthwaite, C. A. Nixon and E. L. Gibson. “Evidence-Based Recommendations for the Development of Obesity Prevention Programs Targeted at Preschool Children.” Obesity Reviews 13.1 (2012) 129-132.

The Writer: The article is written by several authors comprising C. D. Summerbell, H. J. Moore, C. Vogele, S. Kreichauf, A.Wildgruber, Y. Manios, W. Douthwaite, C. A. Nixon and E. L. Gibson. The Publication:The article is part of the journal, Obesity Reviews. Based on its studies, the journal is a study aimed at studying the prevalence of obesity among children and the school-based programs that can undergo implementation in order to curb the problem. The Summary: In overview, the authors focus on a variety of evidence-based schemes that educational facilities can implement in order to restrict obesity among children within the 3 to 6 age bracket. The evidence used comprises the approaches suggested in other similar reviews. The Stance: The authors’ attitudes and position towards the topic are static and seemingly supportive of the inclusion of the proposed alternatives. The Use:Indeed, the article can be used in highlighting the relationship between obesity and young children.

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